Tracy'sArchery Party

Featuring Black Eagle Castle Archery

 of Sherwood Forest.

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for the 1st weekend of

November, Sat 1st and Sun 2nd, 2008


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If you have already RSVP'd, then you'll get updates as they appear here on the website,
stuff like local hotel info, camping & electric info, food list updates, etc.

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                Party or Stay on Sunday
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Black Eagle Castle


of Sherwood Forest





Saturday Supper is Potluck


Who's bringing what:

  • Crystal & Jerry - Deviled Eggs

  • Mike & Karen - Texas Tamale Pie

  • Steve & Tracy - Burgers, Hotdogs, Condiments, etc

  • Dunkin' M'Crack - A Ham

  • Julie - The best banana pudding EVER

  • Bethany - Pasta Salad

  • and more! I'll be updating soon...




   * You must RSVP, to Camp at the Party or Stay on Sunday



Please pass this website on to folks and groups

that you think would enjoy our get together.

                       Thanks for checking it out. ~Tracy :)



Sunday Breakfast


If you're here on Sunday, then you're having breakfast at my place. I'll be cooking in the kitchen and on the grill, so no need to worry about where to cook breakfast if you camp.

Feel free to camp and cook on your own, but, everyone is welcome to join in breakfast on Sunday morning.  ~Tracy   :)


(If you would like to add something to breakfast or can bring any of the items below, please send me the info via the RSVP page)

  • eggs (We'll have fresh eggs from our chickens)

  • bacon

  • biscuits

  • gravy

  • milk

  • orange juice

  • apple juice

Who's bringing what:

  • Steve & Tracy - eggs, etc.

  • Crystal & Jerry - Biscuits

  • Dunkin' M'Crack - Guinness (oh yeah!)

  • Bethany - Fruit



"The history of the bow and arrow,

                      is the history of mankind"   ~ Fred Bear





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