Tracy'sArchery Party

Featuring Black Eagle Castle Archery

 of Sherwood Forest.


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for the 1st weekend of

November, Sat 1st and Sun 2nd, 2008


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Black Eagle Castle


of Sherwood Forest





Saturday night is Potluck and we'll have the basic stuff  here like burgers and hot dogs, plus whatever folks bring. We also need a head count for the Sunday Breakfast.

If you want to come to the party or think you might be able to make it, but you're not sure, go ahead and accept the date... you can come back and edit your RSVP anytime.   ~Tracy

Day 1 - Sat the 1st:   (Party Details) (What to bring)

I'll be there!

Pretty sure I can make it.

Would love to, but, not sure about my schedule.

Just can't make it


 I can bring for the Potluck Dinner on Sat.




Day 2 - Sun the 2nd:   (Party Details) (What to bring)

     I can stay for Sunday Breakfast & Tournament

     I can not stay for Sunday Breakfast & Tournament


I can bring for Breakfast on Sun.






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     "The history of the bow and arrow,

                      is the history of mankind"   ~ Fred Bear

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